Stuck with Hollow Core Doors? Daly’s Says… Paint ‘Em Out!!

I recently heard from someone who’s dealing with hollow core doors in her home and no budget to replace them at this time. Her question is this: “Am I stuck forever with those ugly doors? Can I do anything on a budget to make them look better?”

WIth the right primer and paint from Daly's, you'll be on your way!

Yes, you can paint those doors!

 Just because they are made from wood does not make them worthy of writing home about. It is perfectly okay to paint them and improve your look.

 At Daly’s Paint & Decorating, these are the steps we suggest to people set on getting rid of that hollow (core) feeling and getting a new look for the cost of a few gallons of paint and some elbow grease.

 Step 1) Remove doors from hinges. If you paint doors while still hanging in the frame, you might get unsightly drips. Tip: It’s best to create a sheltered work space where you can work to protect from moisture and dirt.

Step 2) Scuff sand the existing finish to give the surface some ‘tooth’ – try not to sand all the way down to bare wood, sand on the surface. Dust off sanding residue. Use a tack cloth for final dust removal.

Step 3) Prime with C2 One Primer, let dry. My favorite trick is to roll on the paint with a roller and then follow up with a brush to smooth out the wet paint and avoid leaving stippled roller marks. You can do this for both the primer and paint coats. 

Step 4) Paint the primed doors in a Satin or Semi Gloss finish.

If you want the doors to visually disappear, try matching the door color to the wall color. This way the doors will blend into the overall scheme.

If you are painting both the wall trim and the doors, going a shade deeper than the walls is another great trick, too. Avoid whites and creams in these cases, because this tends to HIGHLIGHT the doors and trim and makes it more of an architectural feature. Save that for when you replace everything with gorgeous new doors and trim!

Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new a-door-able home.